Ring Doorbell 2 live video stopped working

I noticed this evening that I hadn’t gotten any event notifications today on my Ring Doorbell 2 for past 4 days. I do have notifications snoozed for a few hours each day. So I opened my app to see if there was anything at all from that time and there was nothing. I also have the snapshot capture enabled and I noticed there was nothing since late this past Wednesday. I tried to do a live view and it will not do that either.

My WiFi connection is around 60, my battery is at 99% and my internet speed is fast and strong and steady. Xfinity has confirmed good communication to the device. Have both 2.4 & 5.0 bands available
Uninstalled the device & reinstalled. App same.
What can be done to fix this? Or is it time to replace it?

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Hi @Jimmytp1. Are you using Modes for Cameras? If you are, this could be causing the Doorbell to not record, depending on the Mode it is in. You can learn more about Modes in this Help Center Article here. Let me know if this helps!

Having same issue. No video at all. Motion works. Alerts work, but no video. I reset everything. WiFi is good. Tried with and w/o Chime Pro. Reset modem. Hard reset doorbell. Video stopped working a few weeks ago.