Ring Doorbell 2: How can we make the wired installation

In a few words, I wanna know how can install my Ring Doorbell 2 using the mechanical bell installed in the house.
I’m clear the diode shall be used only if we have a digital bell.
It is not clear to me if we have a mechanical bell with a 8 -24 Vac, why we need to use a transformer?
Also Ring videos say something about a resistor. Why, where and when we need to use this resistor?

Hi @cjfa09. The installation instructions will vary depending on which Doorbell you are installed, so please be careful to make sure the information you’re looking at is specifically labeled for the Video Doorbell 2. A transformer is part of a doorbell circuit alongside the chime kit and the doorbell itself. If you have a chime kit and an existing doorbell at your front door, there will be a transformer somewhere in your home that these wires are connected to.

For the Video Doorbell 2 specifically, you can locate the instructions here for how to install it with an existing doorbell circuit. You do not use a diode with a mechanical chime kit, and you do not use a resistor for this particular installation method. I hope this helps clear things up.

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