Ring Doorbell 2 getting AC power but not showing as hardwired


Video doorbell 2 originally purchased in 2017, has been hardwired via an AC transformer since purchase, no issues

Tonight got warning that battery was at 30%. Odd. Take off doorbell, check wiring with multimeter, still getting 24V AC at the screw terminals. Battery is now charging via USB.

Why would it not be showing hardwired? Is it just that the battery has expired?

Battery charged overnight and now back in. Only showing as battery powered. Checked with multimeter again- screw terminals are getting 24V AC still.

Hi there, @bomtarnes! When wires are connected but not showing as hardwired in the Ring app, it is often due to having not enough power, or too much usage for the supplied trickle charge to be effective. Here is a Hardwiring Checklist I put together for factors to consider when wiring a battery-powered Video Doorbell.

Fine tuning the number of events per day, number of lengthy live views, and ensuring that signal strength is optimal, is a great way to improve charge effectiveness. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: