Ring doorbell 2 generation

My ring doorbell not working between midnight till about 6am

Hi @user31809. Your Video Doorbell will record when someone rings the Doorbell or motion is detected, no matter what time of day it is, as long as the Doorbell is connected to wifi. I’d suggest verifying that you do not have motion detection disabled in the Modes settings or disabled on the device profile page. If motion detection is disabled for one Mode, and you swap to that Mode, the Doorbell will not detect and record motion.

It is also important to make sure you have adjusted the motion settings based on your preferences, which can take some trial and error. The placement and positioning of your Doorbell can also impact the motion detection. To learn more about how motion detection works, review this Help Center article. After checking the information above, if you do not see any events in your Event History for a certain period of time, there may not have been any motion events for your Doorbell to detect and record. I’d recommend testing out your Ring device during the hours you believe it is not working by triggering a test motion event.