Ring doorbell 2 disable blue led

Is There a solution to Turn off blue leds when Hasking to show live view?


Hey @ Loic2810. Which blue LED light are you referring to? Could you please attach a picture of this light and reply with it here? This will help us in the Community better assist you. Thanks :slight_smile:

It s just the blue circle i would like to disable when mouvement is detected or direct video is activated.


@Loic2810 At this time, there is no way to disable the blue light when motion is detected or the doorbell is rung, as this blue light is on because the doorbell is recording and “on.” Other neighbors have expressed interest in having an option to disable this light on our Feature Request board. You can add your feedback and vote on the request below.

The Feature Request board is the best way for us to gather and share feedback with our teams here.

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Thanks for your response and i m sure disabling this blue led is one the wish of rings users :wink:

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The blue led light on mine that should only turn on when activated by motion or ring, stays on all the time. I have removed the device from the app and set it up again and it still will not go off. The other issue I have is the video is now only in b&w, no color during the day or night. Please help, getting frustrated. Thank you

Hey @LLZoomer, can you try holding the setup button for 30 seconds? This will reset the device and bring it back to its normal state. If this does not resolve your concern, please reach out to our support team here.

I have tried everything and the blue light will not go off. When I push the orange reset button in for about 10-15 seconds, the lights goes off, but then as soon as I let go, it comes right back on. You cannot even ring the doorbell either.

@LLZoomer, for the reset, you will need to hold it for 30 seconds instead of 10-15. Although, if you’ve done it for 30 seconds and still see no change, please go ahead and reach out to our support team here for them to look into this.

+1 for the ability to disable the blue recording light as a necessary feature. I can see from my phone that the Ring is recording.


I would like for the Ring doorbell to not be lit up at all. At night, it attracts bugs, which sometimes set off the notification. Other times, frogs set it off when trying to get to the bugs. Can’t tell you how many times we have been awoken at 2am and all we can see in the camera is frog legs.


An easy solution to this for me was to remove the faceplate and cover the button area (inside of the faceplate) with some masking or painters tape. The actual button still works, but the light is blocked


Jjwalker, I have thought of doing that, putting tape or marker on the light, many times but never got around to do it. I will try that now. :wink:

That’s security lesson 101. You don’t want the bad guys to figure out where the motion zones are… if the blue light comes on they can figure out the pattern.

Exact same issue with mine. Occurred after its last charge. Basically now just have a blue light hanging beside my door because it won’t do anything else.

Came here hoping to disable LED because of bugs as well, looks like I’ll be using tape instead.

+1 for disabling the blue led. Shouldnt be hard to integrate the setting into the app. Maybe one day

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What if the camera is picking up something you cannot see

Still nothing on this Ring? :frowning:

I also Wish there was a setting to disable the blue light during live view!

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