Ring Doorbell 2 Constantly Disconnecting from WIFI

Wondering if someone can help…it seems every time I go on vacation my ring is disconnecting from my WiFi. No other issues with ANY OTHER ITEMS in my house. Only my Ring 2 doorbell. The last time i even moved my router so it is directly on the inside of the house behind the doorbell. I was told last time that even though my strength said it was great it probably wasn’t.

Also the support is just junk, no one can help unless you are standing next to it and all they say is we can cancel your plan until it works and then you can resubscribe. I am super happy to pay for things while they don’t work (insert eye roll).

Hi @KITKATP. It’s hard to pinpoint what would be causing your Doorbell to disconnect specifically if you aren’t there to troubleshoot the Doorbell. Do you make any changes to your wifi network or any of the devices in your home when you go on vacation? Unfortunately it’s hard to do much troubleshooting when you aren’t with the Doorbell and our support team is there to troubleshoot concerns like this, so it’s most helpful if you reach out at the time that you’re experiencing the concern and you’re there with the Ring Doorbell.