Ring doorbell 2 connection issues

Hi, needing support for my video doorbell 2. Have fast fibre broadband in my house with mesh wifi, great speed everywhere. Even bought a chime pro and have it half way between my router and the bell but my rssi value never really gets below about 67. In a new build house so no heavy brick walls. Bell is only around 10 metres from my router. So disappointed in this and if I’d known it was so poor I’d probably not have bought it. Have read loads of similar issues in these forums but never any real solutions. What can you advise me to do?

Ring doorbells tend to work better on the 2.4ghz band for WiFi as it has longer reach through walls. You might need to split the bands on your WiFi router as often routers come with a combined network for both bands. In general splitting them into a 2.4hgz and a 5ghz is better. Put all your stuff that needs longer rage or lower speeds on the 2.4 and keep the 5 for your higher demand devices likes streaming etc.