Ring Doorbell 2 competely dead

Bought a Ring Doorbell 2 in November 2019. Everything worked relatively well until 2 days ago when doorbell went offline.

I have 2 batteries for the doorbell and when I put a freshly charged one in 2 days ago it worked for a few hours and then went offline.

Thought due to recent cold weather it was a battery issue so I took the doorbell inside today and put in a fresh battery but the device is completely dead.

Tried holding reset button for 20 secs as advised by Ring support and also swapped batteries about but no joy.

Ring advised that the device is out of warranty and cannot be repaired, so offered a 30% discount to buy a new one. Not happy at all.

The doorbell is in a sheltered area, in excellent condition but appears to be completely bricked. From what I can gather, this is a very common issue with the Doorbell 2 and I see the same cut and paste response from support to every post saying “hold the reset button for 20 seconds”. These units are dead and I believe it’s as a result of an update.

Surely Ring have to have some sort of way to fix this issue instead of just going on a money grab and telling people to buy a new one?!

Absolutely not interested in spending another £200 on a new one when it’s only going to last 2-3 years. Out of principle I wouldn’t buy another one and certainly wouldn’t recommend Ring to anyone else.

Hi @harrybigcigar. It’s unfortunate that you are having this experience with Ring. There are many variables that can contribute to how a Doorbell operates. Typically, a reset fixes most concerns. If this was the result of an update, there would be an influx of these devices coming in with the same issue, which just isn’t the case. If you are a Ring Protect Plan subscriber, this extends your warranty and the device could be replaced at no additional cost. Thank you for you feedback on this, I’ll be sure to funnel this up in hopes to improve the Ring experience for others.