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Has @Ring found a solution for the very low volume on the speaker yet? I´ve had mine for over 18 months. They even provided a new device and the issue continues.

Same issue for me. Second Ring Pro, iOS on iPhone 12. Virtually no output at the doorbell for a guest to hear me. I have an Arlo at a different home that works great at less cost. Is there any solution to this low output issue short of using a different brand?

Also have the same issue on pocophone F1 and my wife has it also on her pocophone F2. the person standing at the door can’t hear us properly.

when i came home i tested it out and you have to basically yell to get some sound from the doorbell.
On the other side, when you ring the bell, its freakishly loud :’)

Exact same issue. We returned our first doorbell and was told there was a fault so naturally we expected our replacement to work better, nope, exactly the same. After installing the replacement we gave it a go and for the 30 second call duration, it was great. A few days later when someone else called, it was back to low volume. We have tried it on a few different devices, a kindle, a Sony Xperia xz2 and a Samsung and its the same with all. I’ve played with the master volume in the app and on our phones/tablet. Look how many people have this issue and as far as I can see, ring aren’t saying they are aware of the fault, just that they are happy to receive feedback. I watch the advert with someone on a beach talking normally or someone trying to chase off burglars and I can’t help but think, if I weren’t home, my house is getting broken into because they wouldn’t have a clue I was screaming at them down my phone. I suspect the company could fix this issue by purchasing better speakers to install in the unit but they won’t. Profit over efficiency.

Same problem the postman rings the doorbell and I can hear him fine but he can’t always hear me even when he puts his ear close

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I’ve just installed mine. My phone is a Motorola. It doesn’t work either. I get no audio notification on phone at all. What a disappointment,and to a greater extent, a con.

My Galaxy S9+ has very low volume from me to the visitor, but I can here them fibe. It sounds like this problem has been known since at least March 2019 based on this thread alone.

I have to wonder if the problem is poor documentation. There are several icons on the screen of the app when I look at the live view, but no explanation of what any of them does. I revisited the low volume for the visitor just now and discovered by trial and error that I have to tap the green phone in order for the visitor to hear me. Why can’t someone at Ring sit down with the app and write an explanation for each item on the screen? It might seem intuitive to you, but evidently your customers don’t have your experience.

Hi, I’ve had this problem as well since it was installed, it wasn’t to much of a problem as my wife was furloughed and has mostly been home. But now everyone is back at work it has really become a problem. We run iPhones one 11 and two 12’s and have it also connected to all Alexa devices and the problem is there across all devices, so I cannot believe it’s a problem with them so it can only be the ring doorbell that’s the problem. It certainly doesn’t work like it shown to on the adverts. I would like to give RING the chance to sort it out. Otherwise I will have to throw it out and replace it with the Arlo product which I have seen and is many ways much more clever and considerably louder.

Hi there, neighbors! I wanted to provide this thread with an updated solution containing the best and latest steps to resolve an audio related concern. Audio and video is often related to wifi connection variables, and the best first step will be to optimize this signal strength. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on improving wifi signal to your Ring devices.

The next best step is to consider mobile device variables. If possible, try using another mobile device entirely. Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled, and that other apps are closed and bluetooth is disabled. Testing audio on multiple mobile devices and an Alexa device, if available, is a great way to rule out most factors.

For neighbors who seem to have exhausted all troubleshooting steps to no avail, try resetting your Video Doorbell by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Once this step is complete, please reconnect your Ring device by following the steps in this Help Center article.

If this concern persists, our support team is happy to assist further with a more in-depth look and advanced solutions. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.