Ring Doorbell 2, Chime & TP AC750 RE200 Wifi Extender

I hope this helps anyone with the same/similar set up - I have a Ring Doorbell 2, Chime and I also use the Blink XT2 Cameras. This is a copy of a post I made there.

Set-up: I am in the UK with a Sky Q Broadband Hub (and Sky Q TV) - so the Sky Q main box and two mini-boxes all run on the 5GHZ of the router and everything else connects to 2.4GHZ according to Sky!

  1. Took first TP-Link AC759 RE200 and activated it close to the router with the WPS button.
    I made no changes via the Tether app to its name.
    Once it had connected, I took it downstairs and having relocated the Sync Module and checked all the cameras were ok, I plugged it in to the furthest most point in the conservatory, by the window and overlook the back garden directly.
  2. Went upstairs and checked the signal strength of the existing cameras and all (including the front door) all at full bars for both Camera to Sync module and Camera to wifi.
  3. Next step (when it stops chucking it down with rain and no longer resembles the temperature of a polar bearā€™s ar$e) I will see what kind of signal I can get with the fifth and final camera on the ā€˜bomb shelterā€™ (a work/storage space at the bottom of the garden) and then put that there for full coverage of the property.

This may also be of interest to those with a Ring 2 Doorbell as wellā€¦ the second extender, I used the Tether app on my phone to connect to it, change its name (SSDI_EXT2.4) and then I plugged that in next to the Chime. I then froze my backside off unscrewing the faceplate, re-initialising the doorbell and then the Chime and pointing them both at the renamed different extender.
One thing I found outā€¦ where initially there was a delay between the doorbell and the chime ringing, it is now instantaneousā€¦

Will post if I find out anything else while this new config beds in.

Update to this


I downloaded the Rapid Ring app and it is an absolute game changer.

It takes you almost instantly to the camera and allows you to quickly call someone back or get someoneā€™s attention especially if you set alerts for motion as well as rings.

Hi, interesting post.
Do you know if it is possible for a Blink XT motion detection event to cause the Ring Chime to chime?

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Good question, @Crunchynut! The Ring Chime/ Chime Pro are dedicated to only Ring branded products. Even more specifically, Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras. This is to ensure for a secure and most optimized experience between Chimes and Ring device events. Other devices will not be able to link to the Chime for notifications, nor the Chime Pro for network extension. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: