Ring Doorbell 2 - Cant connect Video

Hi all, I am a new Ring user and recently bought the Doorbell 2nd Gen, Chime pro and Spotlight with extra battery.

Chime and spotlight pro work fine but its hit and miss with the Doorbell on live video especially. There is 60+mb wifi as I have an external WIFI Access point yet there is a huge lag when it does work.

There is also around a 3 second delay with the chime pro when the doorbell is pressed and notifications are the same.

The Spotlight is spot on (excuse the pun sorry).

Is there something I missing here please?

Any help much appreciated.


Hi @spawnyjim. What is the RSSI for you Doorbell? This could be found in the Device Health menu. Any poor RSSI could be the cause for your Live View issues. It is also completely normal to have a 3-5 seconds delay in your Chime. I hope this information is helpful.