Ring Doorbell 2 better then Doorbell 3 Plus???

Hi Guys,

I have owned the Ring Doorbell 2 (2nd Gen) since Black Friday this year and have been extremely happy with the sharp and clear video quality of it. The only issue was it didn’t have a swappable battery and that was something I really wanted as the thought of taking off the actual doorbell to charge it was not something I took a liking to.

So, I ordered the Doorbell 3 Plus and it arrived yesterdey so I thought I would install it today. To my surprise the video quality of the 3 Plus is nowhere as good as the 2? How can this be possible? I phoned tech support and they advised me it may have something to do with my wi fi which I can assure you it is not. I did speed tests with both ring doorbell devices and I was getting around 220mbps download and around 40mbps upload so that is more than enough for the doorbells.

Please find attached pictures of both the doorbell and notice the pixelation/degredation on the Doorbell 3 Plus, especially when you zoom into the houses opposite. Also look at the pathway leading to the door you can see clear image with the Doorbell 2 but it looses detail and resolution with the 3 Plus. This can also be visible with the telephone wires on the top right of the image. With the 2 its present with the 3 Plus half of it is missing? I find this difficult to understand why but Ring have agreed to send me a replacement. If this happens with the new replacement I will be sticking with my Ring Doorbell 2.

i wounder if anyone can advise why this may be happening? Many thanks.

First Picture is the Doorbell 2 (Gen2) and the Second Picture is the Doorbell 3 Plus.

Thank you all :slight_smile: