Ring Doorbell 2 Battery - What's the point?

Can someone please explain to me why I hooked my Ring doorbell up to my home wiring? After all, when the battery dies, the doorbell stops working. The power from the house wiring doesn’t recharge the battery, and once the battery dies you have to recharge it during which time the Ring doorbell doesn’t function. So what’s the point?

This seems like poor design to me.

Hi @JRinTX. Hardwiring your battery-powered Ring Doorbell to your existing doorbell circuit provides a trickle charge to help keep the battery charged longer. The Doorbell is still powered by the battery, not the doorbell circuit. Depending on how much activity your Doorbell is recording, the battery may still discharge and you would need to remove the battery and fully charge it via the provided charging cable. We also have Wired Video Doorbells that must be wired into an existing doorbell system for continuous power.