Ring Doorbell 2 battery sometimes won't properly seat with Solar Panel cable installed

I have had a Ring Doorbell 2 and Satinior-brand solar charger since September 2019. I have a problem with properly powering the doorbell with the solar panel charging cable installed in place on top of the battery.

Anytime I insert the battery by itself in to the doorbell, the doorbell powers up properly. Anytime I plug in the charging cable in to the top of the battery, per the charger’s instructions, the battery doesn’t power up the doorbell. It takes a lot of wiggling and “positioning just right” in order for the battery to make contact. Honestly, it feels like it’s a hit-or-miss endeavor to successfully get the battery to sit properly and power the doorbell when the solar panel charging cable is installed.

Before you start troubleshooting “from the hip” the battery is charged so it’s not a matter of the battery having insufficient charge. The solar panel is in direct sunlight, but that has nothing to do with the battery not powering the doorbell. I observed my problems on a clear sunny day, but that has nothing to do with the battery not powering the doorbell. The doorbell works without the charging cable in place, so I know the doorbell functions properly when it receives power. The connection points on the battery are clean and smooth and the electrical contact points in the doorbell that make contact with the battery are intact, so the battery is in good physical condition.

It’s as if the presence of the connector on the top of the battery prevents the contacts from consistently mating properly. Has anyone else experienced this frustration?

Hi @jerry9254. We do not recommend any 3rd party devices to work in conjunction with any of our Ring Video Doorbells. The Solar Charger we recommend can be found here. A complete list of authorized accessories can be found here. Using 3rd party devices on your Ring products can possibly void your warranty, which you can learn more about here.