Ring Doorbell 2 Battery dropping 25% each day

Just upgraded to a Video Doorbell 2, partly because of the advertised longer battery life. Battery was dead after 5 days, and following a full recharge, it’s down to 75% after one day. Settings are:

RSSI -45

Motion Frequency is Light

HDR off

Live View on

Probably getting about 8-10 motion events per day, and generally don’t activate Live View.

The original Doorbell has been moved to another door and after several years, still runs for several weeks between charges. Any advice would be appreciated.

Something is wrong with your device. Call support.

I have Doorbell 2 and I only lose about 1% of battery per day. I have a more battery hungry settings too - I have motion frequency set to frequent, live view on and HDR on.

I probably get 4-5 motion events per day.