Ring Doorbell 2 - Battery 100% Firmware update - DEAD

My Ring Video Doorbell 2 stopped working a few days ago, no low battery warning as it usually does. So I took the battery out and re-charged it - only took a few hours and green light came on.

It would still not work spoke to support and they said do a factory reset, which I did joined it backup at which point it said doing a firmware update - and since then it has not worked since. It is totally dead

If I put the battery in I get 4 flashes of blue light and then nothing,

I can’t factory reset it it or anything now, spoke to support who said I was out of warranty and would just have to buy a new one!

Has anyone else had this problem?

I don’t think the tone of this message shows how mad I am - but Ring have killed my doorbell and their answer is to just buy a new one - with this 30% code we can give you


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Yes, I’m having the same problem and Ring support offered the same, unacceptable solution. Ring needs to stand behind their products becoming inoperable by their poorly programmed firmware updates. I’m looking at other options to Ring devices, unless Ring wants to do the right thing for their customers.