Ring Doorbell 2 audio is not hearable on phone

I am unable to hear anything on my phone even from the ring webpage coming from the Ring DoorBell 2.

What is the resolution for this problem?!!!

Hi @minanassief, have you made sure you have the most up to date Ring app? That is a great place to start, and even if it’s up to date, try to remove the app and reinstall it! If this still does not solve it, please try to see if you can hear anything on your Live View from another mobile device.

Hello @chelsa_Ring

My DoorBell is up to date. I tried using it on a different phone, uninstall and re-install the app and even on the Ring website, they are all the same.

Very Very low voice, as if the Ring microphone is under the ground!!

I may be having the same issue. It seems like when I activate the 2 way talk feature, my phone treats it like a phone call…and the audio is only coming through the phone earpiece instead of the speaker. Even at full volume, I can’t hear the person at my door unless I hold the phone up to my ear. I can’t find any options to change it to speaker.

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Thank you, that’s why Ring Support Team must work on a fast and quick resolution and issue an update ASAP.

I am having th same issue has anybody got a fix yet?

Someone at Ring suggested turning off my bluetooth on my phone. Because it is connected to my smart watch and is messing with the app when on Live View.

It works, but it defeats the purpose of having the smartwatch if I need to disconnect every time I want to talk to someone at my door.

Thank you for your advice.

But the customer service is HORRIBLE, When I contact them to have their engineers or app development take a look, they do not understant the issue, and they need to be systematic.

like we need you to call us from home and in front of your camers. When I try to inform them it is not with my camers, as it happens with all camers, stick cams,… not the camera to reboot or troubleshoot, but no one is existing to LISTEN!!!

Horrible experience with unprofessional customer service

Will never be fixed with these unprofessional customer service!!!