ring doorbell 2 app not working


Had the doorbell for about 5 months. All worked well until 2 nights ago when all of a sudden we can no longer view any footage on the app. No live view. No notifications when the doorbell is rang. Nothing.

However the doorbell itself is working as when you ring it the indoor chime still works.

Any ideas please

Hi @Sianny. What does the Devcie Health page show for the Doorbell? Is it online or offline? What is the RSSI? You can try rebooting the Doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button down for 20 seconds, and then trying to view a Live View after a few minutes has passed, but if the device is offline, you will need to ensure that you reconnect it to wifi and bring it back online. :slight_smile:

The exact same thing is happening to us. Does not work on phone app. Does not work on my iMac app. I traced back in my event footage that this started on May 4. If I go back thru my events and motions history, anything after May 4 will not launch a video. Everything prior to May 4 is working fine. This is really annoying. The doorbell is working and detecting motion and the doorbell is working, sound is audible as well. The only thing not working is live view, and subsequently history events of the live views and motions.

My live view is MAGICALLY working again now, after over a month stuck on “activating device” and black screen, while ALL other alerts/motions were working the entire time. Low and behold there was a RING update on 6/8. There have been no changes to our network or anything within our setup. At all. Period. What a mystery Ring. Guess it wasn’t on my end…AS I SAID ALL ALONG. Update and try yours again.

Ok i got a hold of tech support and I had to basically reconnect my ring with the internet and it worked

Otherwise call the 800 656. 1918 for tech help

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