Ring doorbell 2, 3 week battery life

Last summer I bought a ring doorbell 2. All the reviews said you’d get about 4-6 months out of the battery. I did have some motion features on and was getting about 2 weeks battery. I have since turned off all the motion, so now it’s just a doorbell that chimes on my phone, yet I still get only 3 weeks.

I have even sent it back for a replacement in case it was a faulty unit, bit it’s the same, just 3 weeks. How is it this bad?

Hi @bendavis. There are a few things that contribute to battery life. The RSSI of the device as well as the amount of activations per day will determine how long the battery lasts. With a good RSSI (-40 or better), you should expect to get around 800-1,000 events, give or take, before your battery needs to be charged. For reference, 18 events per day will take around 45 days to reach 800 total events. If you are having excess recordings, try adjusting your Motion Zones to be more conducive to your surroundings. I hope this information helps!

I’m not the expert that Tom here is - but at some point over my 2+ month relationship with my ring doorbell - the time I noticed the most rapid battery drain was when the doorbell could not connect back to my router. Like if you were to change the network password and not tell the doorbell (or an extender in between).

I’ve also found the router <-> doorbell relationship is so fragile that it can even be affected by the orientation of the 3 external antennae on my router OR where I place my garbage can OR other things I have between the router / doorbell.