Ring Doorbell 1st Generation

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Hope everyone in the community here and your families are doing well.

I purchased my Ring Doorbell 1st Generation 4 years ago. It came with the instruction manual, which I just downloaded to make sure it was the same one, and it was.

The instructions said if I was replacing my existing doorbell, I needed to shut the power off because I would be attaching my Ring to the wires inside the door and so I did just that. I followed every step in the instruction booklet and when the last step was done, it said “I was done.”

Today, after 4 years, when my son came to the house and rang my bell, I didn’t hear it. So, I went into the app on my phone and it indicates my “battery life is low” I can tell you right now that if you are able to download the manual for this doorbell, you will see that nowhere in the manual does it mention a battery anywhere.

So I am hoping that someone will let me know why I am getting this after 4 years of it working perfectly and where in the manual does it say anything about a battery and where it is because if I connected it to the wires from my original doorbell, I’m pretty sure it was a “hard wired” installation. However, after speaking with customer service this evening, I was told it is not hard wired and it’s a battery operated doorbell and it was a miracle that it didn’t need charging for 4 years.

Any help you can give me would certainly cause a lot less stress right now.

Thanks, in advance, for your help and I look forward to a reply.

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Hi @BrooklynBabe. The Ring Doorbell is a battery powered Doorbell, with a rechargeable internal battery. It can be hardwired, which helps keep the battery topped off by providing a trickle charge. This doesn’t charge the battery as quickly as manually doing so would, which is why the Doorbell may still need to be manually charged at times. Especially if there’s been an increase in activity lately.

If you still have the original packaging that the Doorbell came in, there should be a charging cable in there. If not, you can use a common micro-USB cable plugged into a standard power outlet. Follow the instructions here to charge your Doorbell’s battery. You can then reinstall it at your door, and the hardwiring should help keep it topped off once again.

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