Ring Doorbell 1st Gen - change wifi network

We changed the name of our wifi network and now the doorbell is offline. In the app it is not giving us the prompt to Reconnect to Wifi or Change Wifi Network. It shows the old network name in grey and you cannot select it.

So now, some how we have completely disconnected the device from within the app…but if we select the option to add a new device, it says it is still registered to the owner. How do we fix all of this?

Help please…this is a 1st Gen Ring Doorbell. Thanks

Please disregard…we were able to resolve the problem. Hubby was trying to fix the system on his Android device…but once I logged into Ring on my iPhone, the options became available and I was able to change the network. Thanks

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Hi @Lssanders090509. Happy to hear you were able to solve this!

Hi, my husband and I had the same problem but now the WIFI selection list with Ring does not appear for me to select.

Was Ring in your Wifi selection?

This problem starting when we brought a new router with a different password.


Mrs. F

Hi there, @fatboy2. It sounds like you are not seeing the Ring setup network in the beginning stages of the setup process. During the step of the Ring app communicating with the Ring device, the Ring setup network should show as long as the Doorbell is in setup mode. If it does not, try completing this setup on another mobile device. There is also an option during the last step of setup to "add a hidden network. This option will allow you to manually enter your wifi information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: