Ring doorbell - 100% charged, rapid flashing blue light

Hi there all.

Just installed a standard Ring Doorbell (gen 2) I’ve hardwired it using the USB cable directly into the mains. It charges fine and works perfectly, but when it gets to 100% charge the blue light flashes (every 0.5 second) lighting up my entire doorway! When I unplug the cable, it stops flashing…

Is there anyway to stop it flashing once its fully charged? Or should I not use the USB cable to hardwire it in, and instead get a main kit and connect it on the two terminals on the back?


Hi there, @lycrake! Are you using an official Ring Plug-In Adapter Gen 2 to charge this? If you are using the included orange Micro USB cable for your charging solution, then yes, connecting wires to the terminals or using the adapter mentioned above will be a better method for charging. The light is likely an indicator of a full charge, which should not happen with standard wires connected to terminals. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: