Ring Doorbell 1 chiming when no one is there

The ring doorbell keeps chiming, no damage to it or anything anyone know why?

I have a Ring doorbell 2 and have the same problem. It goes off constantly now for the past couple of days and there is no one at the door, there are no animals running around and the wind is not blowing either. My doorbell is hardwired to power and for the life of me and my family the friggin’ doorbell won’t stop going off every several minutes. It doesn’t matter if it is day or night, the doorbell won’t stop ringing. When we first got the Ring doorbell I thought it was a good thing, but now, we are having serious thoughts about making the purchase and are seriously considering tossing the thing in the garbage. Is there anyone else out there having this problem too? I sur

Hi neighbors. If you are getting too many alerts, you can try adjusting the Motion Settings on your Doorbell. You can also try to use the Snooze feature to silence alerts during a specific time. I hope this helps!