Ring Doorbell, 1,2,3,4 Hardwire Voltages?

Hi All,

I cannot get a straight answer from Ring and which has caused me to fry the charge circuit on my doorbell I got for free.

Some background below what I’m doing

Ok, I’m doing some fun project at home with Home Assistant. I’ve got a 12v 20w non-Ring branded solar panel which is hooked up to an MPPT controller going to x2 12v 9ah battery total of 12v 18ah (Parallel) from the load side of the MPPT controller It’s going to an Arduino with some python monitoring battery voltage, solar panel wattage and solar panel voltage and another wire going to my Ring doorbell 2. It charged perfectly until I rang the doorbell and the unit just fried.

Now the confusion sets in here, I asked Ring what should I be using AC or DC? The hardwire kit comes with an 240v AC adaptor and 24VDC output but on the Ring doorbell houses a sticker that says 8 to 24VAC only

The back of the doorbell says “Connect low voltage AC power only 8~24VAC 40VA maximum, 50/60Hz”

Power and Connectivity

Power Input
100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 A
Power Output
24V DC, 0.5 A, 12 W

If I’m not mistaken, with DC you must hook up correctly on the +/- side otherwise things can go bang and that hardwire is AC input and DC output and the two screws on the back of the door bell has no indication of what side the pos and neg side is?

Am I just seeing this all wrong?? Also one of the Ring website articles contradicts itself at the top it says do not use DC power to hardwire your ring product and at the bottom it says don’t use AC power to hardwire your product

MPPT controller


I have the same question and not getting any ring document to confirm that the ring doorbell 4 needs a DC input, but there is no + or - marking. So does that mean that the ring door bell will automatically detect the polarity and operate? This is so frustrating that I have to struggle to get such a simple answer. Call the ring support and the lady said that it can be connected to any or the polarity, i am so confused. Help help help