Ring doorbel times out when watching live

Hi i recently bought a ring doorbell, i installed the app on my windows tablet so i can watch live and to use it as a security cam.

But after some minutes it just times out… then i need to click on watch live again to start the view again.

I got a Ring Pro what is the problem ? i saw some things about its just made like that (Seriously ?..)

is there a work arround or do i really need to start looking at other brands in the future ?

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Hi @RicardoB. Our Ring devices do have a time out feature on them. You should be able to continuously Live View for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you’ll need to reconnect to the Live View. We also have a Snapshot Capture feature that takes short recordings to fill in the gaps between events. I hope this information helps.

How can i turn it off ? the timeout feature makes the doorbel useless as a security camera…

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@RicardoB You can’t, Ring is an alerts based system. Its not designed for 24/7 monitoring. That’s not a bad thing, mostly Ring works as it should, its just not designed to be monitored 24/7. If this is something you want you need to look at an actual CCTV system. Keep in mind everything on ring is cloud based, every time you look at a video, live view etc its going out to AWS servers and then back down to you.

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The Live View Timeout is a bad thing. A very bad thing indeed.


You might want to look at the Arlo cameras. They are similar to Ring cameras in many ways but Arlo cameras do not have the ridiculous 10 minute timeout in Live View that the Ring cameras are stuck with.

@RingMaster2 Arlo products aren’t too bad however they are also not a proper CCTV system. If you want full on 24/7 monitoring and recording you need to get an NVR based system with IP cameras. Its actually not that expensive however the tricky part is running the wires. Ring just isn’t designed to do this and isn’t sold as that either. Its a totally different type of product. Both of which have their place.

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@bemak187 Some persons are mentioning that Ring cameras are being marketed as baby monitor style cameras in some Ring advertisements.

Those styles of cameras typically do allow much longer live view streaming and if it is true that Ring is advertising their cameras as baby monitor style, then that would be deceptive advertising. I haven’t seen those advertisements myself yet, but some Ring neighbors are claiming they exist.