Ring Doorbel 3 disconnects frequently now weather i getting colder with blinking blue light

Now it is getting colder in the year (3-5 degree C) my ring doorbell is disconnects frequently and led blinking full circle blue on 1 second and off 1 second until it connects again. Sometimes this reconnect takes hours. This LED blinking code is saying that it is rebooting ?? This happens instantly at colder weather only. So not somebody pushing the button or triggered by movement around the Ring. Taking the battery out, wait 1minute and put it back again did resolve it . My doorbell is hardwired, battery level ok always between 90% and recharging every time to 100% once the level drops below 90%. My doorbell is under a ceiling at the front door so no rain or moisture can get into the doorbel. What is causing this at lower temperatures but still above freezing point or is it due to firmware update. Earlier this year when it was colder I also had this issue but less frequent but when temperature started to raise in spring or summer the issue dit not occur but now its starts again

Hi @ItsMe1960. Cold weather will adversely affect the way your Ring Doorbell operates. This Help Center article here outlines some important topics in regards to colder weather. I would bring the Doorbell inside, charge it, reset it and reconnect it to wifi. This will ensure that your Doorbell is on the latest firmware and has a full charge. You can reset it by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then release it. Let me know if this helps.

I have same issue every winter. Why is the battery an issue when it is hard wired?!?

Just because your doorbell is hardwired, doesn’t make it heated. Cold weather affects the kind of batteries in the Doorbells (like most battery powered outdoor devices). They don’t hold a charge as long or charge as fast as they do in moderate to warm weather.

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