Ring door viewer motion sensor short range

Hi, so I just bought a ring door view cam, but the motion sensor has very short range, like it starts to record when someone is about two meters from the door, motion sensor is set up to high sensitivity and motion frequency set up to frequent, rssi -44. Any ideas why is that?

Hi @ringviewer. Ring Doorbells, such as the Door View Cam, are designed to detect and notify you of visitors at your door. Things that occur farther out from the door are less likely to be detected. Motion detection can also be impact if there are steps leading up to your door, since the angle of the Door View Cam cannot be adjusted since it is installed in your door’s existing peephole.

Thank you for your reply Caitlyn. I see now. I only bought it because I had burglary to my car and I thought it will be detecting any movement in my front, especially around my car. Is there any additional equipment that can trigger the door viewer when someone is in my driveway but not just by my door?

@ringviewer We have a few different Security Camera models which could be installed with a direct view of your driveway. The Stick Up Cam or Spotlight Cam could work well for that, and the Floodlight Cam is an option if you want to replace an existing floodlight on your home. We have a guide here that could help you determine where you want to place a Security Camera if you decide to get one.