Ring Door View Cam not working with Samsung Smartthings

Has anyone been able to link their Ring Door View Cam with Samsung Smartthings, or is the video cam too new yet??

When I link smartthings and the ring app, in smartthings it says the my ring account does not have any compatible devices.

I wanted to use this to link to my smart TV and another way into my google home system.

It says its works with Ring Pro and Video Doorbell, so this shouldnt be too much of a task to link up surely??

Thanks and look forward to your replies

Look forward to your thoughts.

Yeah, doesn’t work mate.

I contacted them about 6 weeks ago when I tried to do it - and samsung advised that it doesnt work.

Dont know specifically if its a samsung or a ring issue, but its a bit pants either way

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Hi thanks for the information.

I am hoping then as this is a new “device” ie on the market for about 6 months, then they should be working on it to then be added to their eco systems.

Very frustrating when you do your research and they say yes they will work, but your then stuck when its only certain products from the portfolio, simply a cut and paste for the coding for it to work.

I believe it is down to the fact they are battery powered. AFAIK the only supported device for viewing on a Samsung TV/via SmartThings is the Doorbell Pro.

The only difference i am aware of with the pro is that it is a mains fed device.