Ring Door View cam knock detection notification

Good evening,

I’ve just had my first knock detection event on my view doorbell, it shows up in the history in the ring app but I was not notified like I am with door bell rings. My doorbell is currently off for motion alerts but person detection is on for 5 seconds + which works great.

I would assume that knocking on my door would come out the same notification as ringing the doorbell so I’m a little confused on why I didn’t get anything, but normal ring events are OK.

Any help would be great


Hi @jimbobcook. This Help Center article here has some good information on the Knock Sensor for the Door View Cam. I’ve noticed that on my Door View Cam, my Knock Detection alert is the same as my Ring alert for a button push. Is this also the case with you? Additionally, you can adjust the Knock Detection in the settings to be more accurate. This can be done by selecting- Menu > Devices > Door View Cam > Devices Settings > Knock Detection Settings. Let me know if adjusting those settings improve your experience!