Ring door view cam extension/adapter

My door is 10 mm too thick and I need to buy some extension/adapter. Does anyone know if or where I can buy it? I have a 65mm thick security door. I have emailed the Ring Customer Support but the answers I get are…


Good question @Fofo! It looks like the thickness of that door may not meet the dimension requirements to install the Peephole Cam.The Peephole Cam can only be installed on doors that range from 30 - 55mm (1.2 - 2.2 inches) in width. We do not recommend installing this on doors thinner or thicker than that.

Check out our help center article for more information on Peephole Cam installation. Feel free to also take a look at our other Doorbell models to see if something else might fit better here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply.

I have read on multiple sites that people have hade good luck with extensions meant for normal peepholes. I tried to post on other forums with no answers.

I tried to connect the camera and the battery box in the door and run the flex cable through the peephole and it was long enough and I could connect it without issues.

I just need some kind of extension/adapter.

My friend heard some rumors on the IFA 2019 in Berlin about a possible new version of the Peephole Camera suited for thicker doors. Do you now anything about that?


Hi Fofo,

Have you figured out any workaround for that? Any adaptor/extension that you could suggest?

For anyone else that might be interested, I also have a 65mm door and I can confirm that the power cable fits the plug (with some effort though). If your door is thicker than 65mm, the cable propably won’t fit; its not long enough.



I have tried mutliple adapters/extenders for different peepholes but nothing works. The threads doesent match and Ring is not responding with a solution. And yes Ring, I know that you dont support doors thicker than 55mm but still (cant understand why?). Try to put some effort when you see the community trying hard and spending money on useless adapters.

You make a product that doesent support a whole region and then you want to sell it in that same region without any solution? In Scandinavia we have REAL doors. Not like the US and UK where you can spit at a door and it will break in 1000 pieces.

Im not the only one. I have tried all of the attached extenders!


Hi Fofo,
Here in Balkans we also have real doors, and my brand new ring camera cannot be connected to battery pack. Also I’ve tried to connect one more cable (ordered an original spare part set) but in that case camera have almost all features but main one (live view) is unavailable!
Please consider to produce extension set (longer cable in one piece) so we can use this genius product!


Was really interested in this product but my door (which I share with many others as stated in this thread) has a thickness greater then 55mm (in my case 60mm). So sadly it went directly back to where I bought it.

If you release a newer generation of this (since the current one is discounted and I assume that this might be because a new generation is in the works) please support thicker doors or at least sell an extension-kit.

In Europe the standard ENV1627 seems to be the document that stipulates various requirements to adhere to the standard, unable to read out any specific thickness of the door itself but might be a good resource to check so a newer version or an extension-kit for the existing one works with the majority of doors (in Europe).

Kind regards - Karl


I’m exactly the same. My door is too wide to be able to ‘lock’ both sides of the device together with the screw that needs to be placed on the inside. The cable is connected and it’s working but it’s not secure.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I’ve bought extensions online but due to the backplate of the internal section none are tailored to fit!


Same here
65mm door
The Ring I bought is useless.
Please help

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In Germany the minimum for external House Doors is 60mm …

So if ring want to sell more in Germany, they have to support longer cables.

didn’t really understand the limitation by this kind of short cable. Any other digital peephole cam on the market has longer cable.

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I’m in the uk and have 70mm thick door, so an extension would be really useful. I’m in a rented property and don’t have permission to install a different model, so that advice from Ring is useless to me. The peephole one is the least permanent option and ideal for renters. Please Ring, listen to your potential customers and provide an extension!


My door is 65mm composite door and had this problem today.

Can fix it with -
M10 bolt (head off) or threaded bar, I used the old spyhole threaded tube so still have the manual spyhole working.
M10 tap

The profile of the bit that goes through the door limits what you can do to sort as it’s flat top and bottom.
First I cut the threaded part of the ring doorbell in half, then used an M10 tap to thread inside it. The flat part may cut through so only go about 2/3 turns in, it’s all that’s needed to grip and hold.

Repeat the other side that you’ve cut but be careful as it’s very weak and will crush easily if you put too much pressure on it when holding it. Use vice grips over a vice.

Join with the threaded bar or whatever you’ve used.

As you can see it all went back together perfectly and I’ve a happy wife :relaxed:

Google Photos


We appreciate this feedback, neighbors! We’ve shared this thread with our teams here for further consideration. At this time, there is not a way to extend or a mounting option for doors that are thinner or thicker than the recommended dimensions (30 - 55mm / 1.2 - 2.2 inches).

@Niall, Thank you for sharing your solution with the Community! This may work for many neighbors in a similar situation, however, please keep in mind that any major alterations to a Ring device could result in functionality that is not intended or even voiding of the warranty. Of course, adjusting unattached mounting hardware for DIY mounting solutions is ok.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and routinely share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

Opened this in feature request, didn’t seem to already be one - Door view cam extension


Thanks for the initiative!
Please people upvote his idea (go to his post in the feature request sub-forum and click the vote-button) so Ring can sort this.


@Niall ,

What did you do with the cable?
I get it that you somehow extended the spyhole, but isn’t the cable supposed to be long enough, to perfectly fit into the case that is installed indoors?

Well, I tried to see if extending the spyhole will work, but in my case, even then, the cable was too short to fix the cable’s socket into the case. The spare cable seems to have the same length.
Am I a lost cause?

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How can we extend the cable to reach the connector?

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Dear @Marley_Ring , hi,
do you have any updates regarding an official adapter/extension by Ring?
Its a pity that we bought a device worth 160 EUR and cannot use it, for only a few mm (personally i have a gap of 4mm).
If not any solution is available, what about Ring providing us just a file for 3D-printing an extension/adapter in various lenghts or a slightly bigger nut?
Below a link of a brass extender for your better understanding (it is useless for us, since Ring uses different bolt thread pitch) maybe can do something similar with correct pitch size?

Hope for your understanding and support to owners of your products. :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Hello folks @Ring, after change of domicile I can’t use my Ring Door View Cam anymore. The thickness of my new door is about 72 mm. I am int the need of something like an ‘extension kit’ or - at least - longer cable (about 20mm longer than the original one). Here in Germany I am definitely not alone with this problem - all newer appartments are equipped with doors thicker than 55mm! Hoping for a solution & sending greetings from Lower Saxony - Kurt

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Agree 100% with this… EU door are much thicker, and some sort of extension kit needs to be made available…

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