Ring Door Cam 3 Snapshot

Hey everyone,

I got a Ring Doorbell 3 and I cant seem to use any other snapshot interval other than an hour or 14 minutes. My Doorbell isn’t hardwired, it’s battery operated. Does anyone else have the ability to use 3 minute snapshots for the Doorbell 3 or not?


Hey @adur3322. Since the Ring Doorbell 3 is a battery device, you will only see the options for 1 hour or 14 minutes at this time. If you want to use the 3 minute interval, you will need to hardwire the device or connect it to a solar panel that provided reasonable amounts of sunlight and power to the device. In addition, a hardwired device should also allow you 1-Minute and 30-second intervals as well, depending on the power provided to the Doorbell. Hope this helps clear this up!

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