Ring door bell

Hi I have trouble with my ring door bell we can’t see the video it takes of people that come in and out and I pay for my account last night don’t know what to do any more!!?

Hi @Simba12. If you are subscribed and not seeing recordings, it may be best to reach out to our support team, so they can ensure the plan is active. Feel free to let us know how this goes!

Hi I did ask this is the messige I got . A:Video Recordings - Who can view my video recordings?
If you are having issues with your device or video recordings, you can request assistance from Ring community support agents. Depending on the issue, they may request permission from you to view your video recordings in connection with troubleshooting the issues. You choose whether to provide Ring with limited, short-term access to view your video recordings, solely to troubleshoot the issues. These video recordings are not viewed, shared, or used by Ring for any other purpose.

Ok. You copied a news story. Point being??

Sorry I wanted to past a message it said I should ask hel on here

Sorry I mean help