Ring Door Bell Transformer heats up

Ring’s initial recommendation for me to hard wire my doorbell was to use their transformer. After paying an electrician to install it, the transformer was behind the wall in an electrical receptacle box and it was buzzing loudly. I was nervous so I opened the box and the transformer was burning hot to the touch. I turned off the breaker and disconnected the transformer. I called Ring to explain and they said that the transformer is NOT the ideal way to power the doorbell and would have to have the electrician come back and install an outlet/receptacle and then I I had to buy a Ring Plug-in Adapter which will be visible in my entryway and plug it into the newly- installed receptacle. This will cost me double the install costs and created a huge inconvenience. RING should never have recommended the transformer and now I have two holes cut into my entryway wall, one with a blank cover, covering the now vacant electrical box where the transformer was and a new outlet with the cigarette box-sized Adapter plugged in - not elegant in the least.