Ring Door Bell Setup Failure

My Ring has worked for over 6 months. My wifi password needed to be changed. I reset my Ring door bell with the new wifi password and my Ring says my password is incorrect. I have repeated the procedure six times. I have an IPhone and turned off the Cellular data- as I have heard that can cause issues. I have unistalled the APP on my phone. I know that my wifi password is correct, but my Ring fails set-up. I have held down the orange reset button on the back of the unit for thirty seconds to do a factory reset. I still am not able to connect to my wifi with the Ring device. Also, my wifi signal is strong at the areas I’m working. I have no other thoughts on what is wrong? Please help. Suggestions?


Hi @WardMankin, happy to chime in and offer some suggestions. I did edit your post to remove the serial number you added, as this is a public forum and we want to ensure that no identifying information is shared for your security. Do you have any special characters in your wifi password? If so, please try changing it to contain only alphanumeric characters and then attempt to reconnect your Doorbell and let me know how that works for you! :slight_smile: