Ring Door Bell - Remove

I recently purchased a new a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus to replace my old 1st Gen model. I have it all setup in the app and everything is working fine.

However, I’d like to remove my old 1st Gen model from the Ring App, but I still want the history & motion videos that are saved to the Ring Protect Plans in the cloud.

Will they still be kept or deleted if I remove the device? Or do I need to wait 30 days for them to be aged out of the cloud and then I can remove the device without impacting the videos?

Glad you asked, @alxnpt! It is recommended to save or download any video you want to keep before removing your Video Doorbell, or changing the subscription status. Once the Protect Plan is removed from your device, or the device is removed from your account, the videos will also be deleted. A Protect Plus plan will automatically cover all Ring devices at one location, but the Protect Basic plan is per device, therefore a Protect Basic plan will not automatically transfer over. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: