Ring Door Bell Pro

I recntly bought and installed the above, it worked perfectly for a few days then disconnected, since then it wont reconnect, so I deleted it from the app, performed a hard reset, rebooted the router, checked the wifi channels, deleted and then reinstalled the phone app.

I put it into set-up mode, scanned the code and then it indicates it cannot connect to the ring network, it does not display at all in the app so no further information, please help?

Hi @Gussy. There may be two reasons this is not completing during the re-set up! The first cause for this is that there is not enough power into the Doorbell Pro. You can learn more about troubleshooting insufficient power issues here if this is the case and you do not see any signs of life from the device when pressing the setup button. The second cause for this could be due to any bluetooth restrictions from the device you are trying to set it up on. Please try setting up the device from another phone or tablet with the Ring app and let me know how this goes! The app should detail why it is still failing to connect to the Ring AP, as well as the Doorbell should flash a certain light pattern for you.