Ring door bell pro white light

I have just set up the Ring Pro. Had a successful install for about 2 hours. Then it disconnected from the wifi. Tried to doing a hard reset after reconnections not working.

From start up ring light spins for once, then blinks a white light 15 times, then goes to a solid white light. Then that’s it.

Any suggestions

Thanks K

Mine is doing the same??

Hi neighbors! This could be due to concerns with insufficient power to the Doorbell Pro. I’d recommend reviewing our Help Center Article here, which covers how to solve any power concerns with the Doorbell Pro. There you can find links to instructions on ensuring the Pro Power Kit is installed properly as well as information about transformers if you need to replace the transformer to ensure it meets the power requirements for the Doorbell Pro, which can be found on the original packaging and on the product page here. I hope you find this information helpful! :slight_smile: