Ring door bell pro Trigger smart lights on

How to link smart light to turn on/off based on rind door bell pro moving sensor detection?

Hey @dougdev. You can definitely do that! You will need to create a light group with your Smart Lights in the Ring app, and once you have a Group created, you can set up that Group as a Linked Device under your Doorbell settings. You will need to go into the main menu > Devices > Doorbell > Linked Devices and enable the lights to come on when motion is detected from here and save that. You can learn more about Linked Devices here and setting up Groups for your lights here.

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Thanks for your time to reply back to me! that is great news! and will it need to be Ring lights or can be any?

Hi @dougdev, chiming in for Chelsea here! Happy to hear that this was great news! To answer your questions, yes, this will require our Ring Bridge and Ring Smart Lighting. These work together and enable you to create Light Groups which will work in concert with your Ring Pro. If you have a pre-existing outdoor lighting system, the Smart Light Transformer is an option that will allow you contact that system to the Ring Bridge. Let me know how this project turns out!

Hi There,

Thanks again! very helpful!

Will try look for it, wondering why cant find those in Amazon UK =/