Ring Door Bell Pro - Night Vision Issue. Is this normal?

Hi folks,

The image of the camera in the day is fine but come late afternoon and evening the image is just useless, really annoyiing!


Anyone else facing this issue?

Thanks all.

Hi @selector007. Thanks for sharing the video! It looks like the infrared light is reflecting off of the wall to the left, causing a poor image. I would try to use a Corner Kit to angle it further out and not have the wall catch so much of the IR lights. I hope this helps!

Hi Tom,

After a bit of digging around the internet my suspicions were it could be to do with the infrared sensors bouncing back off the wall and as you suggested it was exactly what it was.

I added two corner wedges behind the ring doorbell which made a remarkable difference and i can now glady say the Ring doorbell is performing as it should day & night!

Thank you Tom.

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Hey @selector007. Glad to hear this worked out for you!