Ring door bell not recording motion at night

My car was stolen from 10 foot in front of my ring doorbell last night. A motion detection was not recorded and you see my car present at 3.30am and not present at 4.30am. Any ideas as to why this has happened and motion was not recorded. Seems fine the rest of the time?

Hi @mikeyell. I would not be able to say why it happened, but I can offer troubleshooting steps to try to help it not miss capturing important events. Try the following steps:

  • Verify that your Doorbell is mounted at the recommended height of anything in between 4 and 4 1/2 feet from the ground up.

  • If there are steps going up to your Doorbell, I would suggest adding a Wedge Kit which angles the Doorbell downward. You can purchase one on Ring.com under accessories.

  • Optimize your Motion Settings to be more active. For example, if your Doorbell is battery operated, make sure you have Motion Frequency set to Frequent.

We also have this Community post here with suggestions on optimizing your Doorbells Motion Detection. I hope this helps.

If it’s a battery operated one, don’t set it to “frequently” or you’ll be charging it frequently :frowning: