Ring Door Bell Not Connecting to Wifi

I have tried everything from reseting the modem several times, reseting the device, created a simple password with no special characters, checked with my internet provider about the ports to make sure the modem allows the door bell device to be accepted, and rerturned then repurchased a new device. Still no luck. At this point I am really frustrrated and walking away from Ring products all togther. This is my last attempt to get this device connected and working. Someone please help.

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Sorry to hear about this @agent! I recommend reaching out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, as they will be able to guide you step by step through a setup until it is successfully connected.

I went through this scenario this past weekend. What a frustrating experience. When I first got my Ring doorbell in 2017, the support was here in the states. Their techs were great. Now, the tech support is sent offshore.

Here’s what I had to do:

  1. Hard reset the Ring (pressing orange button in the back for 30 sec)

  2. Go to Ring app

  3. Menu

  4. Det up a device

  5. Doorbell

Follow the prompt. Now, this is where it got tricky. I had to switch to another phone. Restart the phone and do this process.

I was on the phone with tech support using my phone and had to use my wife’s phone to use the Ring App. I had to restart her phone. Once that was done, I finally got it done. But then again, I had to uninstall and reinstalled the Ring App.

But it’s now working. Good luck.