Ring door bell missed someone

Hi, my ring doorbell pro 2 missed a couple people coming to my house today, had anyone else noticed this issue?
What could be the cause? Signal strength is strong

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How long were they in view of your doorbell?
Your doorbell can take a few seconds to “wake up” before it starts recording. A rough rule of thumb is if someone isn’t in view for more than 10-15 seconds (I don’t have a firm number) then your doorbell isn’t going to “catch” them.
That’s why some delivery people aren’t caught on camera because they aren’t in view of your doorbell but for a few seconds.

My ring doorbell completely missed a FedEx guy putting packages down iby

My ring doorbell missed a FedEx guy walking right up to the front of the door where the device is . It recorded the vehicle pulling up but for some reason completely missed the guy walking up to the door with the packages.

That’s normal behavior by your doorbell.
It detects a motion, wakes up, records while there’s a motion, then goes back to sleep.
For the time the driver took he package to the door was less than the wake up threshhold.

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