Ring door bell 3 plus

Hi I have a ring video doorbell 3 plus . It has 330mb WiFi connection with 15ms ping and 70 upload. For some reason when I try to gonto live view or answer a call I sent it just keeps buffering ? It’s the same on all devices but they are all connected with brilliant speeds to the WiFi.
Any one have any suggestions what I can do ,? We just paid out the the cameras etc for outside our property and its driving me mad why I can’t go live or answer the doorbell on ALL DEVICES.


Hi there, @Npflooringwales! Try performing a live view on wifi connection only, and cellular data connection only, on your mobile device. This will test if one connection is more efficient for video connection. While speeds sound excellent, your device RSSI will indicate the signal strength and can be seen in the Ring app.

I recommend also trying the Rapid Ring app, as it is designed for the fastest connection to live view. :slight_smile: