Ring Door Bell 2 condensation

Bought the RDB2 during the Summer, was getting 10 day battery life but have reduced all the sensitivity to minimum as other Ring Camera lights were triggering but still giving me a glare issue at night due rock the infra red light.
Anyway, please see attached… Any ideas as this is a joke!
Don’t get this with any wired camera and I have both Ring Cam and Floodlight Cam.

Hey @Jonnyboyjones16! While our outdoor model devices are rated for weather resistance and outdoor use, there is the possibility of condensation due to a drastic temperature change or other environmental variables. I recommend checking the area for any sources of moisture or temperature change, such as a sprinkler or a heating exhaust vent.

While we don’t have any suggestions for a particular brand, we have heard neighbors using RainX to keep their lens from fogging. Other solutions may be different brands of anti-fog, DIY covers, or even a different mounting location. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: