Ring door bell 2 battery and later wired

Ok so i have the ring door bell 2 and due to the property not having a existing wired doorbell its a pain.

I got a wired doorbell but my sparky need to chase some wires.My question can i run the ring 2 via battery in the meantime and when he installs the wiring he can just take off the wall and hook up once done?

You sure can @arthurmorgan! The Video Doorbell 2 operates on power provided by it’s battery, even when wired. The wiring will provide an additional charge and chime kit functionality if one is installed. The Doorbell 2 will operate as expected until wires can be installed. :slight_smile:

Ok so i now have my ring 2 installes powerd via battery.We have wet ans cold weather at present the door bell in on the porch and sheilded from rain.

Yet the camera is fogged as usless as nothing can been see whem viewed.Do i have a faulty camera as at this point i dont see why i should bother with ring if the device is useless for this climate.