Ring don't work no more


I have a Ring Pro, that I installed awhile back, 2017. One day my door bell started to buzz, ring and make weird sounds. I was able to trace it back to the Pro. I’ve disconnected it and replaced it with a basic Ring. I didn’t read all the instructions while installing it, and that is when I found it needed a more powerful transformer (24VAC). My home cannot accomadate the change. Anyway, I gave it to someone who thought he could use it, turns out it wouldn’t respond to his installation either. So anyone need a used Ring Pro for parts, just let me know?

All parts, wire, screws, driver, etc., included.

Hi @quetal1 - hope you’re well! Please visit and review our Community Guidelines at your earliest convenience (this isn’t a place for selling devices / pats). We’re more than happy to help with the install of your device – would you like for us to assist you there? Let us know!

Dear Jennifer
I did not put my device up for sale.
I stated anyone who wants it for parts, can have.
The device was fried due to it not being compatible to my doorbell transformer. So, rather then throw it away, I offered it to the community.
It was no longer covered by a warranty/return policy.