RING donate Doorbells to Victims of Crime, then disable video recording!

RING have donated Doorbell 3 cameras with lifetime subscriptions to Norfolk Victim Support UK. RING made an error with a batch of these donated Doorbells where the lifetime subscription was not linked to the device’s MAC ID. As a victim of crime, I was given one of these donated cameras to record video evidence of on-going harassment.

Victim Support contacted RING on 20th March and made them aware of the situation with donated devices missing lifetime subscriptions: RING promised to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

RING telephone support have no knowledge of donated cameras with lifetime subscriptions. I have sent them documents from Victim Support proving the Doorbell was donated by RING and should include a lifetime subscription, but RING telephone support are unhelpful and rude, making false statements: repeatedly claiming I need to pay for a subscription, or Victim Support needs to pay.

Please can someone at RING investigate this issue and resolve it. RING donated the devices and promised victims of crime lifetime subscriptions, but the device I have has a trial subscription that is about expire in 2 days, disabling the Doorbell from being able to record video evidence…

Hi @RINGDoorbell3. I’d recommend getting in touch with our social support team by sending us a message either on Facebook or Twitter @Ring. That way we can gather some additional details about this program in order to investigate it further.

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(Above reply unmarked as Solution) Your “solution” is to share my personal details on public websites. You are replying to a victim of harassment. I do not use Facebook or Twitter. This reply is insensitive to the situation.

You could inform someone at RING in a managerial role that this situation needs to investigated immediately…

RING already have all the details of this “program”. The “program” originates with RING: they donated the devices with lifetime subscriptions to Norfolk Victim Support. A simple google search and you can find out how to contact that organisation. They can confirm everything and know who managed the donation at RING. You can look up my account details and see RING already have copies of all the paperwork given with the Doorbell proving it was donated by RING with a promise of a lifetime subscription.

RING informed Norfolk Victim Support that this error would be resolved 11 days ago. My device will have video recording deactivated today…

Contact someone in RING management and alert them to this situation

@RINGDoorbell3 The team involved in this program let us know that they are working to fix the issue as soon as possible. Further updates or information on this issue will be communicated directly from Victim Support. Apologies for any miscommunication initially. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we don’t have access to account-specific information. Thanks for your patience as the team works on getting this taken care of.

Hello, I work for a charity in London and would like to contact Ring community team about the possibility of Ring donating some video doorbells to our most vulnerable clients. Who can I email, please?

Hi @user77547. I recommend reaching out to our support team for assistance with your request. Give our support team a call using one of the numbers available here.