Ring doesnt notify only when daughter comes home

My notifications go off all day long but whenever my daughter gets home from school lately it doesn’t notify me. Its only her - and its not the same time every day. At first I thought it was our wifi maybe playing up around that time frame in the afternoon but I have checked the wifi and there is no issue. I get alerts from others. my husband doesn’t get them from her on his phone either. could it possibly be something she has electronic that could block the signal - maybe her phone or ear buds? its just so weird - I have checked all settings and i don’t have anything on snooze or mode settings on.

Hi @monica72. I don’t believe your daughter’s earbuds or phone would interfere with the Doorbell signal, causing it to not notify you when it detects her motion. I would try the following steps to see if they help resolve your concern:

If you have tried these steps and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call to further investigate.

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