Ring doesn’t work with mesh.

I have 4 Ring devices; I have 4 Google Nest mesh devices. The Googles get around 285 mbps down, 30 up on average. Most of the time, all 4 Googles show excellent connections to each other. The Ring camera in my back yard connects to the base Google, works great. The Ring doorbell connects to a Google Point next to the front door, and that works fine. I have an unattached garage, stucco siding, with 2 Ring cameras. There are 2 Google Points inside the garage, spaced apart. The Rings on the garage are totally unreliable! I have restarted each unit countless times, and done factory resets almost as often. Each time, the camera works great! Good RSSI numbers! No squirrelly behavior! But after a few hours, or a few days…once, after 2 weeks, the cameras attach themselves to the Google base, yielding RSSI numbers in the -60s and -70s, and random recordings. I can’t keep doing this! Do you have an answer?

Hmm… I’m not a Mesh expert, @Riley1 , but I’ll be sure to ask some team members who are so we get you the right answer! However, what is your garage made out of? Is it possible that is causing some sort of interference? -60 & -70 are pretty high RSSI… is it possible it is bouncing networks as well? Let me know! Thanks!

The detached garage is stucco over wood framing, with a flat roof. The stucco is certainly a problem, which is why I hoped mesh would help. I have a centrally located Google router which works directly with a backyard camera, a Google Point at the front door, near doorbell, (these 2 work fine), and then a camera on the side of the garage with one in front of the garage…there are two Google Points inside the garage. These 2 Points get excellent signals most of the time. When the cameras attach to these Points, great RSSI numbers ensue. The trouble is, the cameras keep jumping to (usually) the base unit, which nets terrible RSSIs and erratic behavior. I’ve repeatedly tried tried factory resets, moving things, etc. At the end of my rope, it seems. Any ideas?

PS…I have also created a guest network, on which the 2 Rings are connected…still not stable.

Not for the first time, Ring has dropped this conversation. If you people don’t know how to make this system work, who does? How about customer service that has as a goal getting things to work, not just giving up?


Hey @Riley1, I’d be happy to chime in for Jennifer here. This is a neighbor to neighbor support forum rather than a direct line to our support team, but I’d be happy to offer some guidance here. You mentioned a few times that the Ring Cameras are being moved from the closer Google access points to the main hub of the mesh system. This is not something that the Cameras are doing on their end, but rather the mesh system itself is redirecting traffic. You’ll likely be able to adjust some settings on your mesh network to keep the Cameras connected to only one access point that provides the best signal for them.

I hate to say this since there are so many Fan-people of Google but their devices including their network devices seem to be more…centered on their own hardware and not as open/workable for other companies devices especially those that are competitors. Apple network devices seem to have this issue as well. I prefer to use network devices from a network specific companies like Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, etc. I have camera’s running in the -54 to -56db ranges and they seem to be okay not perfect but good enough. Linksys makes a mesh router but it is not super cheap, but the extenders can be gotten from Amazon used fairly cheap. Before anyone jumps on me about Linksys possible Fanboy status I have had Linksys devices since they first came out. I have also worked on Cisco, very expensive very hard to learn, and Netgear easy to work like Linksys.