Ring doesn’t pick up walk ups

I’ve had my Doorbell 3 for two years with no issues until seversl months ago. It stopped picking up people who walk up and only occasionally pick up people who are at the doorstep. It often picks up people who walk out of the door, but that has decreased in the last month.

I hadn’t changed any settings but have tried messing around with settings. One setting change was particularly interesting to me. I increased sensitivity and it would pickup people waking by along with cars driving by despite it not being in a designated zone, yet still wasn’t capturing walk up’s or people at our doorstep.

Hi @Hi_Im_Kat. Various different factors can impact your Doorbell’s ability to detect motion, including the settings, wifi connection, as well as the placement and angle of your Doorbell. I’d recommend checking the RSSI on the Device Health screen to ensure your Doorbell is receiving a strong and stable connection first. After checking that, you can find some motion detection optimization tips in our guide here, which covers some of the settings as well as the importance of the mounting height and angle of your Doorbell.